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Dawna's Blog  15th March

"We work so very hard at letting go, sometimes, trying to train ourselves to release our grip on all that is not God. But what if it is not about giving up but giving in? Falling into dirt, as Jesus says here. Going where grain is supposed to go."
Jan Richardson,

We often seem to spend a lot of energy trying to make sure that we keep our noses clean.  Trying to insure that we don't fall into the muck and that we attempt to remain upright and civilized in conversation and appearances.  Part of our fear is that we might be seen when we are at less than our best - when our tempers are frayed, our hair unkempt, our appearance disheveled.  What a relief it is for us when someone sees us at our worst and loves us still.  It goes a long way to helpng us toward the difficult task of loving ourselves which is key to how we love our neighbours.  In this week's gospel reading from John, Jesus packs a theological punch in his discourse on what it means for him to die and how that death and then resurrection is mirrored in our own life journeys.  As a grain of wheat falling into the ground, we, too, are planted in so many different ways in our lifetimes.  Buried in grief, disappointment, bewilderment.  Buried in inexplicable joy, hope and promise.  Buried in confusion, fear and anxiety.   What amazing news it is for us to hear in all those different things that might bury us, that God is always working to bring glory to us and to the world through the growth.  As gardeners know, it is a messy business to plant and tend a garden.  Our hands and nails bear the signs of the work we do, as our lives bear the messy signs of life and growth that is taking place in us and in our world.
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