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Dawna's Blog 14th January

In our reading from the Gospel of John this week, Jesus heads to Galilee where he encounters Philip and Nathaniel.  The reading weaves together the connections between the disciples who know or at least know of each other and who are now coming to know Jesus.  An interesting conversation between Jesus and Philip explores how we come to know someone - - through introductions or our own observations or sometimes a connection we feel immediately upon encountering someone.  Our first impressions sometimes are spot on and sometimes they lead us astray.  Nathaniel has inherited a prejudice about people from Nazarath and wonders if anything good can come out of a place like that.  An interesting beginning to a new and life changing relationship.  As we continue to celebrate the season of Epiphany, we look for ways that God is calling us in Christ to share our gifts and to enter into new conversations and relationships.  As we think about our "star words" (stars with epiphany words that we received in church last week) what questions do we have to ponder as we sit with Jesus in prayer and in conversation?  If you didn't get a star word and would like one, they are available at the back of the church.  Feel free to choose one for friends, family and neighbours.  It's a fun way to explore Epiphany and the ways our God comes near to us.  
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