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Church Management

Currently, St Michael and All Angels' general business and programs are managed by the Reverend Dawna Wall (Rector), Lanny Hubbard (Rector's Warden),
Nancy Whysker (People's Warden), Peter Goddard (Treasurer), and ten Parish Council members elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Rector chairs the monthly meetings of Parish Council.
Approximately 135 families are on the church register and the average weekly attendance is about 100 parishioners.

Great effort is made to ensure that communication within the parish is clear and meaningful. The Rector and Wardens try to announce essential changes in policy and practice determined by Parish Council as soon as decisions are made.


Every Friday a substantial email is sent to all parishioners who have computers telling them what is going on in the parish and outlining the activities, church services and meetings that will occur in the coming week. A blog from the Rector provides readers with insight into some aspect of Christian life, and each week one parishioner is introduced to readers by means of a short article and photograph to help us get to know each other well.

Buddy System

For those who do not have computers, a special buddy system has been set up. A team of buddies has agreed to telephone those who are not “on line” each week and to convey to them the messages that appear in the email.

Parish Photo Directory

A photo directory exists containing the names, photographs and telephone numbers of parishioners. This enables us to contact each other more readily if there is a need and to have a visual image of the person we are talking. The Directory is updated with information on new members whenever practical.

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